*** Telehealth and In-Person sessions are scheduled Monday through Thursday 9am-7p.m. In-person sessions are held i a comfortable outside setting with more than recommended social distance and other safety measures in place.***

These are the most challenging of times and people are feeling greater stress, and anxiety, all of which are contributing to relationship problems. In that sense, this may be a most critical time to get support when you need it.

The most important factor in healing, by far, is the connection between client and therapist -- more important than experience, education, and intelligence. So you should finish a first session, with me or any other therapist, with confidence that you've made a good decision. If not, it's important to keep looking until you find the right therapist for you. 

We've all had the experience of meeting someone and making an instant judgment... I like her or I don't... He's a good person or something about him rubs me the wrong way... And research has shown that we're almost always right in those intuitions about others. 

If you can instantly and accurately assess how you feel about a stranger, a first session with a new therapist is more than enough time to know whether you've found a good fit. Did you feel a connection? Do you believe you grow to trust and confide in them? Do they truly "get" you and your issues? If you can answer "yes" to those questions, you've found a therapist you can work with. But if you're not feeling that kind of confidence as you leave that first session, it's time to move on, time to keep looking until you find the best match for you. 


As a therapist, I've been making a difference in people's lives for more than three decades – helping adults, teenagers, couples and families to resolve issues and enjoy improved relationships and greater emotional freedom. My approach is active and solution-focused. We all want fast relief, and my clients often say one of the things they appreciate most is how quickly I connect with them and their issues, providing a sense of trust and hopefulness right from the first session.  


It's been said, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” That's why I practice a variety of techniques, all geared to finding the best approach for your unique situation. This “therapy toolkit” means my clients often experience faster, more effective healing than from talk therapy alone, with results that are long-lasting. A main focus of my practice is to help you master powerful skills for a lifetime, so you can self-treat your issues whenever the need arises.

Please use the contact form or email me directly at [email protected]. Or if you'd rather give me a call at 301-325-2103, I'll be happy to provide a free video or telephone consultation.

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